Driver Advisory System

Since 2013, INAVET has been designing the driver advisory system (DAS) smarttrains.das, which optimally supports train and tram drivers to achieve an energy-efficient driving style. This is done by optical and acoustic recommendations of the driving regime via an app on a mobile device. Coaching, stopping or speed recommendations can prevent unnecessary stops and reduce travel time losses. The traffic flow is optimized taking into account the driving-in sequences, passenger-relevant connection relationships and economic parameters. The DAS responds robustly and immediately to changing operating situations. Here are all the benefits of smarttrains.das:

  • Driver advisory systems for energy and cost efficient driving
  • Determining the optimal way of driving between consecutive stops
  • Supporting drive optimisation between important connecting points
  • Improving punctuality
  • Optimisation of train crossings and transfer connections
  • Support of train movement control
  • Prognoses of train position to infrastructure manager
  • In regular operation for diesel and electrically driven vehicles on several regional train lines
  • Proven energy savings up to 15 %
  • Easy refitting of any vehicle by using tablets and smartphones
  • Training concepts for operational integration in railway companies


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Why Driver Advisory Systems?

Reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy is a worldwide task of high relevance . Especially for railway companies the topic of energy efficiency and associated cost savings is a key challenge. For this reason, many railway companies see an interest in energy saving measures, which are made possible by a driver advisory system (DAS).