smarttrains.das - Projects

Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB)

Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn is also convinced of our DAS and uses smarttrains.das since early 2019 in regular operation on their diesel vehicles. For the first time, INAVET's DAS is also used in Poland.

Diesel-powered network Oberfranken (agilis)

As a further network with diesel-powered vehicles, the agilis network Oberfranken was put into operation in 2018

Electrical-powered network Regensburg (agilis)

INAVET continues to develop smarttrains.das, so new configurations meet the special requirements of our clients. This has convinced the agilis railway company, so our DAS started in Regensburg e-network in the summer of 2018.

Central Network (nordbahn)

smarttrains.das has proven in practical operation and was therefore introduced in 2017 at NBE Nordbahn Eisenbahngesellschaft mbh & Co. KG. Because of the newly integrated feedback system, the INAVET team can respond directly to the wishes of the train drivers and thus ensure the long-term efficient use of the DAS smarttrain.das.

Northeast network Hessen (cantus)

While the previous versions were the first drive-type-specific implementations of scientific principles, smarttrains.das established as a configurable product in regular operation at the cantus transport company since 2016. With the use at cantus smarttrains.das was also supplemented by new circulation-related operations.

Light rail/ Regional train lines (ODEG)

With INAVET's use of the first DAS generation on the regional express lines of the ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH, extraordinary results regarding energy savings were proven in 2014. The DAS was used for the first time on electrically powered vehicles and double-decker trains. The  results led to the implementation of the powerful DAS product smarttrains.das.

Harz-Elbe-Express (transdev) - 2013

The use of the DAS developed by INAVET in the Harz-Elbe Express (HEX) in regular operation in 2013 was the result of the successful testing of the first DAS prototype for energy-efficient driving with diesel-powered vehicles.